Thursday, September 13, 2012

Napping solution

Lately Mason has been struggling with taking his daily naps. Whether he's outgrown taking 4 short naps a day, or my patience level is at an all time low, we've had some issues this week.

As soon as he starts fussing in his crib during what should be his first nap of the day, I ask my mom to take him out and get ready for a neighborhood walk. He instantly cheers up and looks forward to the fresh air.

Today I (actually my mom) laced up my sneakers for the first time in weeks. It's sad that I can't even tie my own shoelaces.

Mason and I set off on our walk and within 15 minutes he was asleep. At this point it's my job to continue walking for an additional 30 minutes (his usual nap length).

Things I saw along our 3 mile walk included the above squirrel going to town on a bird feeder.

We also saw a family of plastic deer hanging out in someone's yard.

And just like clockwork my little monster woke up after snoozing for 30 minutes.

At least I managed to get 45 minutes of walking in and enjoy some awesome almost fall weather.

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