Monday, September 10, 2012

A doable downgrade

For those of you who still read this blog, even though I haven't run in almost 2 weeks nor eaten a cheeseburger, here is an update.

On Friday I had surgery on my wrist to fix the break. They "installed" a plate and 8 pins and left me what will probably be a 2-3 inch scar (haven't seen it yet).

Fortunately the anesthesia kicked in before I even made it to the operating room. They used a block form of anesthesia that kept my entire arm numb for 12 hours. It was nice not feeling anything for the entire day. Only problem is that the numbness doesn't fade slowly as it stops working. Instead it abruptly stops, sending you into a downward spiral of despair. I have never felt so much constant intense pain. There was absolutely no break in the pain for 3 hours as my pain medicine slowly started working.

Anyways I'm left with a bandaged arm until my next doctors appointment on the 20th. I still have not ran, nor do I plan to any time soon, since my arm still hurts so much and I'm supposed to keep it elevated to reduce swelling.

I emailed the lovely people at Run For Your Life (typing one handed on my MacBook sucks) and asked if I could downgrade my half marathon entry into the Ramblin Rose race on the 29th to the 5 miler, and they said YES.

I know I can run 5 miles with no prior training so at least not all is lost this month. Just trying to make lemonade out of lemons I guess :)

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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I admire that you were able to get back into things so quickly after the baby. Sorry about your fall.