Monday, August 6, 2012

Razorback Country

This weekend Mason, Ryan, and I headed to Fayetteville, Ak to spend some time with friends who recently moved there.

With 3 kids under the age of 4 it made each outing quite enjoyable and masterfully planned ahead of time. There is no more "winging it" but that's ok with me since I'm always a planner.

Mason did so well on both flights out there ... I was proud of my little monster.

We took a little walking tour around their downtown after driving through the University of Arkansas campus (go Razorbacks!).

Our lovely hosts knew the way to make our trip amazing was to sneak in some delicious burgers.

Feltner Brothers was fantastic. I went with a double cheeseburger and fries and was not disappointed.

Mason totally loved rocking his big boy stroller all through the town.

I was lucky enough to have some mommy free time with our hostess at the Fayetteville Athletic Club a couple of hours after lunch.

After running 3.11 miles in 24 minutes we headed out to the pool for some tanning and talking. I loved my 2 hour break of freedom and felt completely refreshed on our way back home.

No Sunday Funday is complete without an extra spicy bloody Mary.

Totally deserved after doing a hellish run through their hilly neighborhood. I only ran 2.22 miles but was definitely hurting afterwards.

I'm sad to be heading back to Charlotte today after having such a laid back and fun vacation in Arkansas. I'm proud of myself for running twice while I was here and even more proud of Mason for being such a good traveler.

Fingers crossed both flights home today go well too.

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