Sunday, August 12, 2012

outdoor running, beer, and a burger

I'm happy to report that I've run the past 4 days and have done all of the runs OUTSIDE.  It's still super hot in Charlotte so the fact that I've taken a break from the indoor running is really astonishing to me.

My running treat on Friday was a delicious margarita so I had to do something equally as rewarding after my run on Saturday ... I mean, it's only fair.

After quickly completing a 2.2 mile run on Saturday afternoon, I headed to do some daytime drinking at one of my favorite places in Charlotte ... NODA Brewery.  We met a couple of friends there and enjoyed some delicious, fresh, local beer.  We even took the opportunity to fill up our growler with some "Monk's Trunks" (one of their pale ales).  

I was pleasantly surprised to see Auto Burger and Fry Guys food truck out in the NODA Brewery parking lot and took that as an opportunity to finally try their burger.
I chose the "BYOB" (build your own burger) and added cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles to the burger along with their house truck-made garlic aioli.  The burger had fantastic flavor and totally did not disappoint.  At $7.50, plus $2 for a side of sweet potato fries, it's a little costly for a "fast" burger but definitely worth the money if you're having a few beers at the brewery and are looking for a convenient meal.  

Can't wait to hang out at the brewery (and hopefully eat another burger) soon!

Unfortunately today's outdoor run did not come with a special reward upon completion.  I had set out to run 6 miles and inadvertently cut it short at the turn around point.  I finished 5.64 miles and was huffing and puffing once I got home.  I took way too many walking breaks during the 2nd half of my run but still managed to keep an 8:38 minute/mile pace. 

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