Monday, August 27, 2012

orthocarolina classic 10k

on Saturday morning I ran in the Orthocarolina Classic 10k.  I had signed up for the race to use those 6 miles as part of my training for the half marathon next month.  

the night before we headed to Kickstand for my usual pre-race dinner ... a CHEESEBURGER.
I went with my favorite burger on their menu ... the "kickstand"
signature burger mixed w/ sundried tomato onions, basil and garlic topped w/ cranberry chutney caramelized onions, baked brie

the day of the race I went to the race alone, knowing that Ryan and Mason would be at home and would watch me run by around mile 2.5 (part of the course went by our house).  unfortunately they changed the race course to one street over but our neighbor noticed and told Ryan in time and I was able to "high five" Mason as I ran past them.  
the race was hard ... there were a lot of hills and it was warm by the time I was halfway through with the race.  according to my Nike app on my phone my mile splits were the following:
mile 1 - 7:56 mins
mile 2 - 16:13 mins (8:17 mins/mile)
mile 3 - 24:24 mins (8:11 mins/mile) 
mile 4 - 32:19 mins (7:56 mins/mile)
mile 5 - 40:57 mins (8:38 mins/mile)
mile 6 - 49:59 mins (9:02 mins/mile)

After I hit the 4 mile mark I walked  .... then I ran a little more and walked again at 4.5 miles.  I kept walking/running throughout the rest of the race, which is frustrating since I've run over 4 miles a few times this past month.  My half marathon next month terrifies me and I know I won't be ready.  I'm anticipating doing the race as a run/walk since the thought of running 13 miles straight seems like a distant dream at this point.  

I haven't run a 10k since 2008; my time back then was 53:35 minutes.  This year at least I was able to shave a minute off and finished in 52:04 minutes (according to the timing company that was used ... official results haven't been posted to the race's website).

With less than 5 weeks until the half marathon, this 10k has shown me that I still have quite a bit of training to do before then. 

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