Friday, August 10, 2012

My recent motivation

I've been craving a margarita for days. More specifically a jalapeño margarita from Loco Lime, a local Mexican joint. I promised myself that if I ran outside today I could treat myself to ONE margarita during dinner.

It was really really hot outside at 5pm when I went for my run. There wasn't much shade and I took more walking breaks than I would've liked.

Forget about negative splits throughout the 4 miles. That last mile had a lot of walking breaks and unfortunately I couldn't even maintain an 8 minute/mile for the run's entirety.

I'm happy that I ran outside today and didn't just take my run indoors on a treadmill.

Mmmmm my delicious reward. For dinner I ordered a tostada salad and was not impressed, nor was the service that great. Kind of disappointing since we rarely go out to dinner anymore.

Once we got home our little monster got a bath before bedtime.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the weekend brings more festive drinks and lots more miles.

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