Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm sure I'm overreacting ...

so I finally took Mason with me to the YMCA to use their childcare while I worked out.  It was around 4pm on Tuesday and the childcare area had just opened back up for the day (they close from 2-4pm).  Mason had eaten at home, had a diaper change, and should have been good to go.  I was shown the infant room complete with similar gadgets/gizmos that Mason is used to at home (bouncers, swings, crib, etc).  There were 2 women working to take care of the kids and Mason was the only kid (baby) there as I walked away.  

I headed up to the treadmill area and did an uneasy 3.2 miles in 25 minutes.  I didn't concentrate on negative splits and instead worked my way from 7.5 to 8.0, then back down to 7.5, then back up to 8.0, until the time was over.  I considered doing some weights as well but figured I shouldn't push my luck and headed back to the childcare area to get Mason.

When I had dropped him off I had left him in his car-seat, assuming that someone would've taken him out of there to play in one of the bouncers or swings.  That wasn't the case at all unfortunately ... they had kept him in his car-seat the entire time and he was in full fuss mode when I came to get him.  I was slightly annoyed that he had been strapped in his car-seat for so long.  Needless to say I haven't brought him back (yet) for another babysitting experience.  

Am I overreacting?  I figured that with how costly our gym memberships were, plus the fact that we now pay for him monthly as well, there would be a higher level of service in the childcare area.  Alas that was not the case.  At least not for infants.  Or my infant.  

Yesterday we skipped working out, but headed outside for a run today.
Someone was happy to be going for a run with mom this morning.  We ran to the Starbucks and back for my caffeine fix.  An easy 2.3 miles before it got TOO much hotter.  Maybe we'll try the gym again next week ...

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