Monday, August 20, 2012

A whirlwind trip to Florida

On Friday around 5:45am we began our long drive to Orlando, Florida. It was Mason's first time being in a car for that long and we were not looking forward to any possible freak outs.

Fortunately sitting back with him and playing the white noise sounds from his giraffe helped ensure a few naps.

After close to 9 hours we made it to my sister's house and relaxed the rest of the day.

Saturday morning brought some more driving ... This time a little less than 2 hours down south to Vero Beach for my friend Vicki's baby shower.

It was great seeing my sorority girlfriends along with their babies and baby bumps!

Mason had a good time playing with his cousin Riley in an electronic truck my parents brought over.

After playtime I managed to sneak away for a quick run in the humid Florida summer heat.

Our day was far from over since I was attempting to cram as much fun in as possible. Ryan and I met my friend Katie and her fiancé at Ceviche, one of my favorite restaurants in Orlando (and also where Ryan and I held our wedding reception).

After dinner we headed back towards my sister's house but stopped at a local bar for a quick drink with our friends Chad and Brittany.

Sunday morning we got up and packed our things. After a quick breakfast we were back on the road a little after 9am.

After many many hours of driving we finally made it home.

This is how Honey rides in the car. Ryan was lucky enough to deal with her while I got to deal with Mr. Fuss.

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