Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler

Yesterday I decided (kind of last minute) to sign up for the July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler.  I hadn't run since Saturday so I knew the race would be tough, especially since I hadn't run 4 miles in a long time.

After making sure Mason and Ryan were both fed this morning (I'm such a good mom/wife) I got myself ready to head to the race.  Luckily the race was just a couple of miles away so leaving close to the start time wasn't an issue.  Once I picked up my timing chip I did the normal to me minimal stretching and headed to the race start.  I made sure my Pandora station was still set to Pitbull and got ready to go. 

I probably started off a bit too fast and finished the first mile around 8 minutes and the 2nd mile around 15:45 minutes.  By this point the heat was starting to wear me down and I did the unthinkable at mile 2.25 ... I walked for 30 seconds.  Unfortunately that brief break was not enough and I found myself walking for another 30 seconds at mile 2.50.  I made myself a mental deal to make it to mile 3 and then take a longer walking break if needed.  Mile 3 came at around 25:05 minutes and as I began to slow down a fellow runner coaxed me into running some more instead of walking.  
"We only have 1 mile to go."  

So I ran alongside him for that last mile.  It was tough and I was tired and I was mad at myself for previously walking but I finally finished the race.  

Final 4 mile time - 33:31 minutes
Overall - 194/610 finishers
Sex place - 47/310 females
Division place - 15th

Self portrait of a very sweaty and tired girl.  Sad my fan club didn't join me this morning but I got to see my biggest (and smallest) fan as soon as I got home.
(Fun fact ... Mason is wearing my headband ... don't worry it wasn't too sweaty from the race :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July.  Next race on the books may be a half marathon at the end of September here in Charlotte.  The Ramblin' Rose is an all women half marathon and 5 mile race and I think it has my name all over it.  That would mean half marathon training would start NOW.

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