Wednesday, July 11, 2012

fast(er) running and a fancy dining experience

yesterday was day 4 of my running streak.  I headed to the YMCA to kick out a quick 2 mile run but ended up running a little over 3 miles.  
mile 1 - 7:56 minutes
mile 2 - 15:04 minutes (7:08 minute pace)
mile 3 - 22:22 minutes (7:18 minute pace)
total = 3.08 miles, 23:01 minutes

After my brief run I headed to the weights area and did 2 back exercises and some abs.
  • lateral pull down - 40 pounds, 3 sets of 10 reps
  • seated row - 40 pounds, 3 sets of 10 reps
  • 50 crunches

My return to weight training was rewarded by THE FANCIEST dinner I've ever had.  Ok so maybe our dinner was originally planned to celebrate our return to date night.  Ryan and I haven't had a night out to ourselves since Mason came along 14 weeks ago so my mom graciously watched him while we embarked on our 3.5 hour dinner.  That's right, our dinner last night took over 3 hours and lasted through 7 courses.

I had received a $50 gift certificate for the McNinch House and had to use it by the end of July.  It didn't take much convincing to get Ryan to agree to that location for our date night.  
Ryan brought out a suit and I wore a new dress and heels.  It was quite the change from gym shorts and tee shirts.  Phones were not permitted during dinner so unfortunately I couldn't photograph all of the delicious food we had.  I'll try to remember the menu as much as possible ...
course 1 - crab cake on-top of fried green tomato
course 2 - tomato gazpacho
course 3 - spinach salad with pickled red onions, goat cheese foam, and candied pecans
course 4 - pineapple sorbet
course 5 - duck stuffed with roasted cherries, mushroom risotto, glazed baby carrots (Ryan had coffee rubbed sirloin with red onion bacon jam and some sort of potato)
course 6 - blue cheese on toasts
course 7 - brownie/caramel "turtlecake" with bourbon ice cream and candied bacon

IT.WAS.AMAZING.  the chef came out to speak to us after the main course and was super cool.  We had an unforgettable night and a dining experience that will never be topped. 

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  1. I just used my McNinch gift certificate too! Talk about fancy schmancy! Mike was like, where the hell did you bring me? Ha. It took us a martini before we felt comfortable enough to relax and enjoy.

    I didn't know about the no camera phone policy, so I broke the rules! My photos are here: