Monday, July 16, 2012

easing back into it

I'm disappointed in myself.  I took 5 days off from running and 3 days off from working out in general.  There was no reason to take that break, other than the fact that my parents were in town and I was spending time with them.  I SHOULD'VE taken 30 minutes off each day to go for a run.  But unfortunately you can't change the past and must move forward.  

Today I weighed myself and saw that I had gained 5 pounds during their week visit.  No, I'm not joking or exaggerating.  I'm not blaming anyone but myself.  5 pounds is a big deal to someone who is still working on losing their post-baby weight.


Today I laced up my sneakers and hit the sidewalk for what was a very hot and humid mid July run.  I ran 2 miles and headed home.  I was about to jump into the shower when I talked myself into doing some ab work instead.  

I pinned this the other day onto Pinterest and pulled up the exercises.  Instead of doing the recommended 25 reps, I started off with 15.
  • In-N-Outs
  • Bicycles
  • Reverse Bicycles
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Scissors
  • Hip Butt Ups
The moves were straight off AB RIPPER, from P90X.  I may not have done 300 abdominal exercises but I did do 90, and that's a good enough work out for my first day back.  

With the half marathon looming in the near future (September 23rd) I really need to get my booty back into shape.  

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