Sunday, July 1, 2012

avoiding the heat wave

yesterday I headed to the YMCA for my run and used one of their treadmills instead of suffering through an outdoor run.  it stayed around 100 degrees most of the day and it was just TOO hot to consider running (or doing much) outside.

I felt really great during the run and even managed to get my speed between 8.0-8.5.  
mile 1 - 8:10 minutes
mile 2 - 15:30 minutes (7:20 pace)
mile 3 - 22:50 minutes (7:20 pace)

I'm contemplating running a race on the 4th of July and am anxious to see if my speediness will continue outdoors and not just on a treadmill indoors.  The race starts at 7:30am so hopefully it shouldn't be too hot at that time.  I haven't raced 4 miles in a while but fortunately the race course is really close to our house which makes it that much more appealing.

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