Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a green monster with new to me yogurt

sometimes I'm convinced I'm lactose intolerant.  it's during those times that I switch most of my dairy products to soy based.  during my last visit to Trader Joe's I picked up a container of their "organic vanilla soy yogurt."
I decided to throw some of this into my smoothie and try it out.
Along with the yogurt, the usual ingredients went into the blender ... spinach, frozen blackberries, 1/2 banana, vanilla protein powder, some agave to sweeten up the mix, and vanilla soy milk
Mason helped out in the kitchen.  The green bib does wonders for his outfit.  I think I'm trying to see how many different colors and patterns I can put on him at one time.  Next will be a hat ...

Final product was a delicious, thick and creamy green monster (slightly brown due to the addition of blackberries).  Since I don't see lunch on the horizon any time soon I'm looking for this smoothie to fill me up for a couple of hours. 

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