Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A butter pecan sort of night

I made it back to the YMCA today after only one day off from running. I was a little worried that arriving at the gym at 5:30pm (prime gym time) would mean waiting for a treadmill, but lucky for me they had quite a few open. It was 93 degrees out when I left for the gym so running outside was definitely not an option.

I turned on my new favorite Pandora station (*nSync) and started running.

For some reason negative splits make me super happy ...
Mile 1 - 8:07
Mile 2 - 15:40 (7:33 pace)
Mile 3 - 22:51 (7:11 pace)
3.28 miles in 24:59 minutes

Although I failed to take a picture of tonight's dinner it was really quite delicious. Ryan the grill master cooked up 2 NY strip steaks (scored quite the bargain at the grocery store), 2 ears of local NC corn (bought today at the farmers market), and some whole wheat bread with butter (delicious when grilled). I made a quick Greek salad to go on the side using some produce from the farmers market.

Mason joined us for dinner but was clearly getting cranky. Once we put him to bed it was time for dessert.

Yes that's Honey in the background. Yes I'm already in bed. And yes that's a healthy scoop of reduced fat butter pecan ice cream. I'm usually a cookie dough type of girl, but the butter pecan was calling my name at the store.

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