Wednesday, June 13, 2012

an unhealthy coping mechanism and delicious treat

Mason and I were ready to run our errands today.  We walked out to my car and found that it wouldn't start.  Awesome.

We haven't left the house in a couple of days due to our respective colds and have gotten a little stir crazy.  At least I have.  So our best option was to strap the car seat onto the BOB and take a walk around our neighborhood before it heated up too much.

Guess where our walk took us?  To the neighborhood bakery, Nova's.  Sadly since becoming a mom, when things go wrong and I get stressed out, I turn to eating.  And not just any eating ... eating desserts and anything sugary and sweet.  So I ordered the pecan sticky bun and an iced coffee with brown sugar cinnamon syrup.  Talk about overly sweet!  Maybe I should consider setting up a dentist appointment to make sure all of these sweets aren't causing major problems ... like CAVITIES.
The bun was delightful ... super sticky and super sugary.  Just what I was looking for to calm my nerves.  Thankfully the walk to and from the bakery totaled approximately 1.1 miles so at least I did something active today.  Even Mason got in a short nap (he hasn't been sleeping well since his nose is all stuffed up).

I'm going to research some more at home work outs to hopefully get some exercise in and not be a total bum.

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