Friday, June 1, 2012

Mason's longest run

Well my goal for running 5 miles with Mason using the BOB jogging stroller by the end of May did not pan out.  I did get pretty close though ...

Yesterday Ryan and I took Mason to one of the group runs organized by the Charlotte Runners Group.  It was my first time back with the group since early on in my pregnancy.  The start of the run was by one of our favorite local bars, Philosopher's Stone, or P-Stone (Mason has already been there of course on a lazy Saturday).

We ran 4.46 miles in 41:34 minutes, running alongside another family using a BOB jogging stroller as well.  Both Mason and Linus slept throughout most of the run.
thanks Ryan for the blurry picture
It was our longest run done as a family.  We were all pretty tired by the end.  We stayed afterwards to have some drinks with the runners but left as soon as Mason started fussing.  

We may not have run 5 miles this month but I definitely see it happening some time soon :)

The work out streak had to reset ... Day #2 of my NEW streak!

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