Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hickory Tavern - Burger Review

Today Ryan and I tried the Hickory Tavern for the first time.  The menu was large ... in size and in content.  I am terrible at making decisions in general so picking something for lunch was a huge ordeal.  Then I focused in on the burger section and made a decision.

I went with the "Hickory Honey Burger" ... it was the best price for a burger with bacon.  The "Tavern Burger" was $9 and did not have bacon on it but for $0.20 more I was able to get it on the "Hickory Honey Burger."  It's the little things people.  As my side I opted for the french fries since sweet potato fries would've been $1.25 more and the Chalmers' household is currently on a tight budget :)

Thankfully the honey mustard sauce came on the side.  The burger was smothered in jack and cheddar cheese and  came with lettuce and onions, along with the bacon (I opted for no tomato).  What the burger lacked in a fancy bun and hard to pronounce toppings, it made up for in flavor and juiciness.  I was pleasantly surprised that this burger tasted so good since the restaurant is a chain and I tend to get weary of restaurants that mass produce simple, crowd-pleasing items.  

I should've included the "after" picture which showed a few empty plastic ramekins of condiments and the lone lettuce leaf.  I would definitely order this burger again if I ever am back at the Hickory Tavern and suggest you give it a try as well. 

A few hours after eating my cheeseburger I headed to the YMCA for a quick run on the treadmill.

3.15 miles in 25:03 minutes.  Day 6 of my running streak.  I haven't had a 15 mile week in a long, long time.  Let's see if I run any miles tomorrow ...

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