Wednesday, May 23, 2012

youtube workouts

Today Mason and I missed our window of opportunity for a jog.  By the time we were ready it was too hot and I didn't want him to sit in his car seat for over 20 minutes in 85 degree weather.

So while he was napping I decided to look up some at home work outs on YouTube.

I found a 10 minute leg work out that included lunges, squats, and other fun (not) exercises. 

Then I found part of Tony Horton's p90x "Ab Ripper X" work out and did 15 reps (instead of the recommended 25) of numerous exercises.  It kind of made me miss doing p90x ... kind of.  Maybe the summer will bring a repeated effort of the 90 day work out.

I finished both in 20 minutes and can now quickly shower before Mason wakes up.  Yes I realize it is 2:45 in the afternoon but you gotta take your opportunities to shower when they appear.

Day #11 of my work out streak!

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