Monday, May 7, 2012

Work out streak

Today I took my new sneakers out for a walk/jog.  My knee has been feeling a little sore since Saturday's run so I figured I would ease back into running this week. Mason and I made it 1.32 miles in 18 minutes - we walked for 0.5 mile, then jogged for 0.5 mile, then walked the rest of the way home.  

I've decided to see how long I can keep up doing something active, at least once a day.  So far I've gone 17 days ... starting on April 21.  Not too shabby for having a baby a little over 5 weeks ago.  I've tried to mix up my work outs with 2 trips to the yoga studio, 2 trips to the YMCA, and different walking and running routes.  I would love to see this go one for at least 365 days ... but we'll see if I make it at least 30 :)

I'm lucky to have such a good work out partner ....
Our little monster loves "working out" on his activity mat. 

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