Thursday, May 10, 2012

Six Weeks

My little man is six weeks old today!

10 Things that I've learned or accepted in the past 6 weeks ...
1) it's ok to "fake" make the bed to give the appearance of a tidy home
2) dry shampoo is my new best friend
3) showering can be done at any time of the day ... it's just a plus that I'm showering once a day
4) 95% of the time I have spit up on me, dried or fresh
5) it's ok to wear gym clothes or pajamas or sweat pants 24/7
6) I'm naturally beautiful so there is no need to wear make up right?
7) going to Target is by far the most exciting part of my week
8) I can eat entire meals without chewing and am usually finished in 1.5 minutes
9) I care more about what Mason wears than he does
10) researching every thing on the Internet that happens with Mason is NOT the wisest idea

We had a good night last night ... he slept for at least 3 hour increments.  We had a good walk this morning and have been doing fun things like music appreciation while dancing around the house.  I think he's happy.  I know I am.  

from babycenter:
Has your baby smiled at you yet? If not, he will soon. At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize. In fact, it's called a "social smile," and it's one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you'll see your baby reach.

As far as I go I'm still 8-10 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  The problem is, that my sweet tooth developed late in pregnancy, has decided to stick around.  I find myself craving sweets ALL the time, especially during cranky Mason episodes.  I'll work on it ... I promise.  I have been trying to work out as much as possible and feel fantastic, aside from tired from lack of good sleep.

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