Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Return of the Shred

I'm not surprised that my knee is still bothering me from Saturday's race.  My sneakers should have been replaced miles ago and I hadn't given myself much (if any) rest time in between runs.  Hopefully the pain goes away soon so I can resume running in time for a 5k race in the next few weeks.

Today I opted out of running (I may take a walk later on if Mason requests it) and decided to bust out my "30 day Shred" DVD. 
I started the 28 minute DVD as soon as I put Mason down for a nap.  I set up the baby monitor next to my laptop and worked out while keeping a close eye on him.  I may invest in another work out DVD since this proves to be the easiest way to work out while being a stay at home mom.  

I started with Level 1 and am sad to say that the 3 cycles really wore me out.  Her work outs include 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, and 1 minute of abdominal work, done in 3 different cycles.  I wonder how many days I'll actually do this time around.  Fingers crossed for 30 :)

Day #18 of my work out streak!

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