Monday, May 14, 2012

Resuming the Streak

So maybe my work out streak died suddenly ... I didn't work out on Friday or Saturday.  I really didn't have a reason either; I just didn't FEEL like it.  After working out for over 20 days straight I was disappointed in my lack of commitment and drive.  

Instead of sitting around and being sad that I couldn't find the motivation to work out at least once a day, I decided to start my streak over.  Yesterday I alternated walking and jogging in 2 minute intervals around my neighborhood for 23:30 minutes and completed a little over 2 miles.  Then I planked for 1:10 minutes and did 50 sit ups and 25 reverse crunches.

This morning I headed to the YMCA for a quick treadmill run.  I alternated walking and running again, this time walking for 2 minutes and then jogging for 3 minutes, for 25 minutes.  I planked for 1:15 minutes and did 50 sit ups and 25 reverse crunches.  
And just like that ... I'm on day #2 of my work out streak :)

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