Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favorite Room of the House - Mason's Room

After working on Mason's baby room for almost 3 months (we obviously started before he was born) it is now finally finished.  It's the one room in our house that we took the most time to decorate and has the most sentiment behind.  

I love everything about it ... the bright colors, the various shades of blue, the homemade touches (thanks Mom), the various discreet penguins (ok maybe not so discreet), the nautical theme that reminds me of living back in Florida ... it has everything that I would think a baby would want (but then again what do I know). 
Mason 2 weeks ago - 1 month old chilling in his chair

Crib, bedding, chair, wall decals, mobile ... Pottery Barn Kids, window treatment made out of bed skirt

curtains made from crib bed skirt - courtesy of my mom

changing table, wall art, shelf (with whale bank)

123's and ABC's from ETSY, framed and matted by me

books and toys, penguin humidifier

rocking chair from when I was a baby, cushions made from leftover bed skirt, boppy pillow

wall art from ETSY - birth info, framed and matted by me

basket of blankets and stuffed animals

view of canvas and framed birth info

newborn picture, blown up and printed onto canvas

view of room from doorway

view of room from doorway (closet and bathroom doors)

bright blue bathroom, with orange accents

shower curtain rings

fish themed towels and rug

view of bathroom from doorway in baby room

Maybe I'm biased but this is one good looking baby's room :)  Looking forward to Mason actually spending time in here.