Thursday, May 17, 2012

improvement from yesterday

This morning Mason and I headed out for our jog earlier than yesterday to beat the Charlotte heat.  We started around 9:30a while it was still cool out (relatively speaking).
Mason is rockin one of his new Hurley oneises

I didn't really feel motivated to run so I figured the faster I got it over with, the better.  I alternated walking for 2 minutes with running for 10 minutes, and finished 3.16 miles in 32:30 minutes.  Technically my 2nd 5k with the jogging stroller :)  

Oh and by the way, it has not gotten any easier to push and run with this thing ... it's quite the upper body work out.  My goal of jogging 5 miles by the end of May with Mason seems to be unattainable at this point.  I'll be lucky if I can hit the 4 mile mark.  

One of the highlights of running with Mason was that he would take a super long nap while in his car seat (attached to the jogging stroller).  Immediately after I stopped running today Mason's eyes were wide open.  He was no longer interested in napping in his car seat if I wasn't going to keep on running.  Sigh.  Maybe I will increase my mileage/time only to give myself a little more quiet time from Monster Mason.

Day #5 of my work out streak!

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