Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Family Run

This morning Mason, Ryan, and I headed out to do our run together.  Ryan and I took turns pushing the BOB jogging stroller and afterwards he claimed, "It wasn't that hard."  Hurrumph.  I don't buy it; I've been pushing that thing for weeks and it is HARD.  I was glad I had someone to split the pushing with me though ... once my friend Katie is in town I'll make sure she gets some time pushing it as well :)

Anyways we covered more distance than ever with Mason, 3.23 miles, in our fastest pace yet 9:11 minute/miles.  Less than 2 weeks until our 5k!  Well that is assuming Ryan does the jogging stroller portion with Mason, if not I'm on my own for race day.

While on the run I tried out my new sports bra, the Vero C/D from Moving Comfort.
This was my first sports bra purchase that was not from Target or an on-sale Nike one.  It definitely made the run more enjoyable by having more support and coverage for the "girls."  

From the website:
Seam-free interior molded cups encapsulate for extra support and shaping
• Moderate-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look
• Front Powermesh zone provides ventilation to keep you cool
• Convertible straps that can be worn straight or in a cross-back position
• Adjustable back closure makes it easy to get on and off 

I just noticed that they have some other models on sale on their website so maybe I'll purchase a second sports bra instead of trying to wear this one every time I run ... 

Day #8 of my work out streak!

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