Saturday, May 19, 2012

the early bird DOES NOT get the worm

I feel silly.  I woke up this morning (before Mason) and decided to head to the YMCA for my work out.  I got there at 7:09am eager to start my treadmill run and realized that they were closed; Saturday open is 7:30am.


Instead of driving home and not working out I decided to run around the Dilworth neighborhood where the gym is located.  A new scenery helped make the run be more enjoyable.  It was a little chilly out with a temperature of 55 degrees which made me try to be speedier than usual.  Unfortunately hills haunt me and I caught more than one hill during my short 2.6 mile run.

On the way home I decided to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast treat and was in line with the nicest man EVER.  First he complimented (well commented) on my bright shoes and socks.  Then I overheard him ordering and he was getting 1/2 dozen donuts for his neighbors!  What a swell guy.  I can't wait to live next to really generous neighbors who buy me donuts on Saturday mornings. 

It looks like I have 3 feet but I wanted to show how bright and blue my Balega (aka greatest) socks were.  I guess my feet did stand out this morning.  

Day #7 of my work out streak!

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