Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Weeks

It's crazy to think that our little peanut is 3 weeks old today.  It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by since we brought him home from the hospital.  
He's been fighting off a cold since last week, but the doctor said without a fever there isn't much we can do.  It's been keeping all of us up at night and unfortunately he's only been sleeping in 2-3 hour increments.  He's also gone (or is going) through some growth spurt and has been eating every 1-2 hours.  Luckily I started pumping this past weekend and have been able to get Ryan to help me feed the little monster.  

He's more alert and awake than he was last week and is very interested in bright lights.  He likes listening to Ryan and I read books to him nightly ... I think he might recognize our voices by now.

I am still 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  My love of sweets from those pregnant days is still lingering unfortunately, and I find myself making some form of dessert almost nightly.  That sweet tooth is preventing me from losing any additional weight.  (maple glazed bacon donuts were made on Sunday)

Fortunately I started walking on Sunday and have done at least 1 mile a day.  I even started doing push-ups yesterday to add to my exercise routine.  I'm impatiently waiting for my doctor's appointment on 4/30 to hopefully get the go-ahead to start running.  

There's a 5k on May 19th that I would love to sign up for ...


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