Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Return of the Walk

Today I ventured back outdoors for a walk around our neighborhood. I took the same route as last week but this time had a fellow walker with me.

Instead of only being gone for 10 minutes we were out walking for 15 minutes since SOMEONE had to stop to take 2 poops.

The verdict? I felt fine afterwards. No real pain from the exertion. This promising discover will hopefully lead to more walking this week with further distances. Yay to being active!

Tonight's dinner was my 6th vegetarian meal in 2 days ... Coconut curry vegetables with tofu over brown rice.

It's past 7:30 which means it's time for me to nap for the first time today before the terrible midnight to 7am shift with multiple feedings, diaper changes, and basically zero rest from my little monster.

Good night from Mason!

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  1. Why is it that all babies have days and nights switched?! Are you becoming vegetarian? I must have some more recipes, we're trying to cut out some meat (we could et steak 7 days per week!). Not like you have better things to do than blog all your recipes for me, haha.

    On the no-sleeping thing...it will get better. Mason will eventually get into a schedule (I'm a believer in helping that situation along and not letting baby dictate everything). It'll happen in a few months but should get better each week between now and then!

  2. I was a vegetarian in college for a few years ... I didn't really mind it although I would probably have to rethink the name of my blog :)

    I'll keep posting any new vegetarian recipe I find. Ryan doesn't really mind them ... most of the time he doesn't notice the missing meat product, and will actually eat tofu.