Friday, April 27, 2012

Literally Running Errands

Today Mason joined me on my daily jog around the neighborhood.  We were even able to knock off some items on mommy's to-do list.  We literally ran 2 errands today around 10am using our new BOB jogger.

Mason was the perfect travel companion.  He fell asleep after the first 0.1 mile and never made a peep.

We stopped by the Post Office to buy stamps to mail his super cute baby announcements (maybe I'm a little biased) and then headed to CVS to buy random pharmacy products.  We headed back and completed a total of 1.5 miles together.

I tried to keep up a slow jog but ended up having to walk on occasion because I was getting so tired of pushing the jogging stroller.  Hopefully after a few more jogs I'll get used to the extra work of pushing it.

My goal by the end of May is to run at least 5 miles using the jogger.  Hope Mason is up for the challenge :)


  1. Too cute! I love that you can already workout together lol

  2. After you use the BOB for a while, I'd love a little review! I am only 13 weeks, but already researching jogging strollers. There are just too many to choose from!

  3. thanks Sunny :)

    and Lauren so far I love it! it's quite the work out though ... my back is definitely sore from pushing him just a couple of days/miles in it. Looking forward to getting used to it soon though!