Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Liberty - Burger Review

Yesterday was one of the days that I definitely ran for a cheeseburger.  Mason and I worked hard jogging with the stroller and completed 2 miles in 22 minutes.

Afterwards we headed to The Liberty for lunch.  Outside of the restaurant is a sign that advertises "Charlotte's Best Burger" so I was ready to give it a try.  

The menu

Mason was not as excited about their burger selections and opted to just nap the entire time.

I went with The Liberty Pub Burger, no tomatoes, and ended up taking the iceberg lettuce off mid meal. 

I may have my new favorite burger in town ... the brioche bun was a great choice to hold such a large burger together.  The toppings were spot on, although I would continue to skip adding the lettuce and tomato in the future.  The bacon, cheese, and herb aioli were incredibly tasty.  And the meat had a great flavor to it, although I had ordered it cooked medium and it came out well done.

I usually shy away from ordering hand cut french fries, but these were cooked perfectly and had a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese/salt on them.  At least that's what it tasted like to me ... 

And at $9 it is quite the burger bargain in a world of "boutique burgers" that cost upwards to $15.  

Looking forward to increasing my running mileage and treating myself to another fantastic burger from The Liberty!

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