Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have a confession to make ...

On Thursday Mason and I were not jiving.  We weren't getting along AT ALL.  The final tipping point was when I tried to feed him from a bottle and he wasn't feeling it.  After a grueling 45 minutes and a whole lot of spit up, he finally finished the bottle, but left us both unsatisfied.

I did the one thing I knew would calm me down ... I went out for a run.  Correction ... walk and slow jog.  I knew I should've technically waited until my doctor's appointment on April 30th, but after walking for 4 minutes I just had to get away faster.  So I started jogging and it felt great.  I took it easy and alternated between walking and jogging in 4 minute intervals, and stopped after 20 minutes.  

It felt great.  Ryan was not pleased but he knows that I rarely listen to him anyways, so scolding me would not help.

Yesterday we were so caught up with friends in town that I missed out on my daily walk.  This morning I knew I had to get outside early for fear of missing out again.  Leaving Mason sleeping peacefully under Ryan's watchful eye, I laced up my sneakers and headed outside for what became my first real run in what seems like months.

Let's not get crazy here ... I walked for 1 minute as a warm up and then ran for 19:30 minutes at what seemed like a snail's pace.  As soon as I saw our house in sight I slowed it down for a 30 second walk as a cool down and then entered the house slightly out of breath and sweating like crazy.  I think Ryan knew right away what I had just done. 

Fingers crossed for no pain later on in my stitches area (don't worry I won't offer any more details on that).  

Only other thing to worry about now is ... when do I get my new pair of sneakers that I so desperately need?  And possibly a more supportive sports bra?  Cause we all know I'm not going to stop running ... oh no, it's on.

New shoe?



  1. Good to hear you're back in action lil mama! Go easy on yourself.