Monday, April 2, 2012

5 days of Mason

This used to be a running blog with a HUGE emphasis on eating cheeseburgers during training and after races (or the night BEFORE the race).  

Life has changed and the biggest change of all is having a brand new baby boy.  Through my pregnancy I have blogged weekly updates on my progression along with the challenges that I was faced with running, jogging, and ultimately walking.  I even blogged about my fastest half marathon time, while 5 months pregnant.

The blog will continue to evolve as my life does.  Not to fear ... there will be plenty of burger reviews, races run, and now, occasional updates on my life as a running mom.  For now here are 5 pictures of Mason taken during his first 5 days of life.

Day 1 - 03.29

Day 2 - 03.30

Day 3 - 03.31

Day 4 - 04.01

Day 5 - 04.02

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