Monday, March 12, 2012

the Wine Shop at Foxcroft - Burger Review

On Friday I twisted Ryan's arm into letting us have cheeseburgers for dinner.  He puts up quite the fight, really (not at all).  I was a little disappointed that I did not run any miles prior to this meal, but Ryan ran 3.5 miles so at least someone ran for a cheeseburger.

I had read about an amazing burger at the Wine Shop at Foxcroft that I really wanted to try.  We set off for the intimate wine bar and were slightly surprised to see how crowded it was around 6:30pm.  We found 2 seats at the bar which instantly made me feel bad for the bartender since I was taking up prime real estate and not even ordering a drink.  Luckily Ryan pulled through and ordered a couple of beers throughout our stay.

I did however make it a point to order as much food as possible ... you know to help out our bartender.  We started off our meal with an appetizer of shrimp beignets (unpictured).  They were deep fried and delicious ... reminded us of hush puppies.

We both ordered the only burger on the menu and a side of french fries:
Steak Burger
Pea Shoots, Roma Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli.  $10

I added cheddar cheese to the burger and took the slice of tomato off prior to eating.  Other than that I kept it just as it was listed on the menu.  The bun is a house made onion roll that was quite good.  Unfortunately the steak burger lacked the flavor I was hoping for.  It was actually pretty bland and left Ryan and I wondering how someone could've raved so highly about this burger.  It was good, definitely tasty, but not the best burger I've ever had.  

The atmosphere of the wine bar was kind of fancy but still laid back.  Hard to describe but the clientele was definitely upper class.  

The wine shop is a place I would love to revisit for their house made pasta dishes but would probably skip on ordering another burger from there.   

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