Friday, March 2, 2012

Sammy's Restaurant

This morning Ryan and I had our usual Friday date over breakfast.  Instead of the usual Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, we headed to a local joint called Sammy's, located just a few blocks from our house on Pecan Ave.

The rainy start to the day didn't stop us from getting some greasy breakfast food from a dive-type of establishment.

The food is cheap and the clientele always makes me laugh at Sammy's.  Just a crowd of older men enjoying their meals solo while reading the morning paper.  Or a couple of construction workers ready to start their day at the site.  And then there was Ryan and I ... just sitting at a center table scarfing down our food so I could make it to work by 8am.

We both ordered the Breakfast Special (we're clever like that) ... $3.99 for 2 eggs, bacon (or sausage), hash browns (or grits), and a biscuit (or toast).

They serve everything on disposable plates with plastic forks and knives for fast and easy clean up (although the environmentalist in me frowns upon this).  The food was good and the service was super friendly.  This is definitely a place that we'll go back to from time to time when our fridge is empty and we're looking for a fast, inexpensive meal.

Not a bad way to start off the day.  Now if only I didn't have to be at work any longer ... my only salvation would be if my water broke while at my desk.  

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