Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Osso - birthday dinner number 1

This year I was very fortunate to celebrate my birthday on 2 days.  On Friday night a group of my girl friends and I headed to Osso for some dinner.  The restaurant was chosen due to the fact that we had heard the Bachelorette (Emily Maynard) would be filming an episode there.  I'm sure you all know how little (actually zippo) reality television I watch.  

For my starter I selected 2 types of cheese (tallegio and Gorgonzola) for a cheese plate.  I had to request additional toasted bread since I was only served 2 pieces and there was quite a bit of cheese.
For my meal I had the ricotta gnocchi (small portion).  The gnocchi was delicious and the sauce wasn't bad either.
Nichole, Danielle, me
After dinner we waited outside for the Bachelorette's arrival. 
Katie, Nicole, Danielle, Patty, me, Liz, and Shannon
After waiting outside the restaurant for almost an hour the Bachelorette and her date showed up.  We all tried to take pictures of her walking down the red carpet but failed miserably.  I guess iPhone's aren't that fast with the clicking and picture taking.

Picture was from the US Weekly article:

PIC: See Bachelorette Emily Maynard On Her First One-On-One Date!

Emily looked beautiful and her date wasn't bad looking either.  We're going to try to stalk some more of her dates around Charlotte :)  I may even watch this episode when it airs. 

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