Tuesday, March 20, 2012

39 weeks

5 days ... there are 5 days left until Baby C's due date.  Yesterday's weekly doctor's appointment wasn't very encouraging.  The usual checks were fine (weight, urine, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat).  I was really hoping that the doctor would check me and see that I had starting dilating.  Sadly I was wrong and had no progress.  The doctor did say that the baby was at least headed in the right direction and was very low.  I wasn't thrilled when I had to make the next weekly appointment for Monday 3/26 ... 1 day after my due date.  
I wish I could be more patient, I really do.  Let's focus on the positives ... Baby C and I are healthy.
Celebrating my birthday this past weekend definitely had an impact on my weight ... and the whole not working out anymore (other than some walking) because I gained 2.4 pounds since last week's visit.
I'm not sleeping well, my feet are swelling up like balloons, and I'm just uncomfortable all the time. 
It is now very warm in Charlotte and I don't really have anything to wear.  I'm huge; every time I don't think I can get bigger I definitely surprise myself and grow. 

I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea in hopes of inducing labor.  It's caffeine free and all natural and so far has had little effect on me.  Shocker.  But maybe it's all in my head ... maybe drinking the tea will let me relax and think that I'm actually contributing to having this baby sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed that Baby C decides to come soon!

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