Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 minute workout

When I got home from work we took Honey on a walk around the block (around 0.35 miles) then I decided to try out one of my work out DVDs from the library.

The work outs are split up into trimesters then each trimester by month. I did the 9 month work out which only last 15 minutes.

From the DVD, "custom designed by Gabrielle Reece and personal trainer Mike Monroe, and approved by a leading OBGyn, the Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout effectively and safely conditions your growing body throughout your pregnancy by focusing on strengthening and stretching moves, and helps you regain your form after your baby is born. With 12 15-minute workouts, three for each trimester and three for that critical postnatal slim down period, finding time to workout is easy. Stay fit, healthy and feel great throughout your pregnancy, and lose those unwanted pounds with ease afterwards."

My thoughts ... Not a bad whole body workout for being 36 weeks pregnant. I didn't have an ab ball so I had to adjust some of the moves. I also used a pair of 5 pound weights instead of a stretchy band like she had for a few of the moves. Other than that it was good to work out my shoulders and legs through a combination of squats and shoulder raises. I also liked doing the girl push ups. All moves were done in sets of 8 reps.

Glad I tried something different to exercise with and didn't just opt for sitting on the couch like I am now. Every little bit helps!

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