Thursday, February 16, 2012

A new car accessory

Today I decided to skip the lunch work out and do a run after work. I drove over to the YMCA to jog/walk on the treadmill.

On the way to the gym I noticed my newest car accessory ... Baby car seat adapter.

It definitely caught me off guard ... Ryan had just installed it yesterday and I hadn't driven my car since.

At the gym I powered through 30 minutes of jogging and walking on the treadmill. I completed 2.46 miles while trying to page through the latest Cosmo magazine.

I was starving after my work out and couldn't wait to start on dinner. I used the last package of frozen empanada shells (Spanish pastry) that my mom had brought me from Florida. I stuffed each shell with cooked ground beef and baked them in the oven. On the side I made black beans, rice, and plantains.

The meal was a nice reminder of Cuban meals back at my parents' house.

Let's see if I can add work out number 3 to this week tomorrow.

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