Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lulu Dine and Wine - burger review

Last evening I had the great pleasure of having dinner with an amazing group of ladies.  Christie had chosen Lulu Dine and Wine as our meeting spot and I couldn't have been happier with her decision.

After perusing the menu I went with the "Classic Burger" and added cheddar cheese.  I also added lettuce, no tomatoes or mayonnaise, and instead of ketchup and mustard added their house made garlic aioli.  

Unfortunately their fryer was down and I could not get the usual side dish ... house cut frites.

Although I was tempted to change my order at the mention of no french fries to accompany my burger, I pouted for a minute instead and went with the roasted sweet potatoes.

Holy deliciousness.  The burger was cooked perfectly and was so juicy and flavorful.  You always know it's a good burger when you don't need to add a ton of condiments to enhance the flavor.  I really missed the side of fries but the sweet potatoes weren't bad after adding some hot sauce to them.  

And can we talk about this value meal?  This high quality burger with cheese AND a side was only $7 plus tax.  You can't really find a deal like that in many restaurants. 

It's safe to say this was one of my favorite burgers so far in Charlotte ... I can't wait to go again with Ryan so he can experience such a tasty treat.

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