Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Re-cap

Ryan and I started off his birthday on Saturday with a work out at the YMCA. We found 2 side by side treadmills and started our cardiovascular exercise. I alternated walking and jogging for 30 minutes. I was able to complete 2.33 miles before heading over to the weights area.

I quickly went through an upper body work out that consisted of 3 shoulder exercises, 1 bicep exercise, and 1 tricep exercise.

After showering it was time to get some food in our bellies! Birthday brunch was had at Terrace Cafe.

Eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a biscuit was all it took to fuel our shopping experience for Baby C at Pottery Barn Kids. We hooked him up with some furniture for the nursery and even bought a couple of fun additions. Exhibit A - Sophie the giraffe

Just when you thought Ryan's birthday was over we head dinner with the gang at Dressler's.

Happy Birthday to the best husband and friend a girl could ask for. Looking forward to many more great birthdays with this man.

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  1. Happy 31 Ryan (belated)! And Sophie is a must, although I foresee Honey fighting baby C over her :-)