Wednesday, February 8, 2012

33 weeks

This post comes a bit delayed ... technically 33 weeks was on Sunday, so I'm really 33 weeks and 3 days.  According to my Sprout app I have 46 days to go.  I can start saying things like "Baby C will be here next month."  NEXT MONTH!  Isn't that crazy?

Although this past weekend I had a lot of fun down in Florida for my baby shower (hopefully pictures will be posted soon), I'm currently trying to get over a terrible cold that followed me back up to Charlotte.  I stayed home on Monday from work and the rest definitely helped ... along with lots of liquids. 
This week says baby is the size of a pineapple ... how a pineapple is currently fitting in my body is beyond me. 
It's getting harder to get around and the size increase is definitely showing up more and more.  Walking to and from work isn't as much fun anymore and that's only about 0.5 miles each way.  

I ran 3.3 miles on Saturday and I'm worried that might be one of my last runs.  We'll see though ... I don't want to give up hope yet.  Plus I need to kick this cold before I can get back to exercising.

Ryan continues to make fun of my clumsiness.  I'm constantly underestimating how much room I actually need to get by and end up running into more and more things ... doors, walls, chairs, whatever.

I'm still managing to eat fairly well ... trying to get as many fruits and vegetables into my diet.  Unfortunately the cold kept me eating toast and cereal for 1-2 days straight. 

And that's pretty much it for this week.  We've got a lot to do to get ready for Baby C's arrival so hopefully after celebrating Ryan's birthday this weekend we'll get back to work on setting up the baby room. 

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