Friday, January 27, 2012

Power Walker

Never did I think that I would one day use my running sneakers for power walking. Today I skipped the treadmill at the YMCA and walked around uptown Charlotte instead.

Aside for some gusts of wind and some worrisome dark clouds, the weather was perfect around 60 degrees and sunny. I power walked my little heart out while listening to the "Journey" radio station on pandora. I love my 80's music!

Once I was done I headed straight to Subway for my usual veggie delite.

I always joke that people in Charlotte never make their sandwiches with love ... They always seem sloppy and put together in a rush. Looking forward to being back in Florida next week so that I can get a Publix sub.


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  1. Nothing like a wonderful Publix Sub ... my favorite ... went to Hilton Head where they actually have Publix ... I think we had one a day ... great lunch for the beach!

  2. HAHA glad you share my love of Publix subs!