Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 1st Prenatal Yoga Class

Yesterday I headed over to the YMCA for my 1st prenatal yoga class.  Before the class I did some slow run/walk on the treadmill to get myself warmed up.

  • 1.55 miles in 20 minutes

The 60 minute class had about 12 women in attendance, ranging from 7 weeks pregnant to 36 weeks pregnant.  Although I would ordinarily consider myself an experienced yogi, this class was a humbling experience.  It was a lot harder than I imagined to do the same poses I had done with ease in the past.  After almost every position the instructor would remind us to adjust our bodies to allow room for our obviously large pregnant bellies.  It was funny to see how much those things really get in the way :)

It was definitely a good workout and I can't wait to try the class again next week.   

It's a bummer that the class is only offered twice a week ... once in the evening (Monday nights) and once on Thursday morning.  Hopefully I can find some other yoga studios in the area that offer prenatal yoga.

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