Monday, January 30, 2012

32 weeks

We're down to the last 8 weeks!  I had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything with Baby C is going well.  My weight gain since the last appointment 3 weeks ago is 3 pounds ... I'm currently at 133 pounds.  My blood pressure was normal and they were able to check Baby C's heartbeat after he stopped moving around so much!  

The doctor also measured my stomach and saw that I was 32 centimeters ... which means I'm right on track for 32 weeks.  I was worried that I wasn't "big" enough and she definitely calmed my fears.  She said it's smooth sailing from this point on so fingers crossed that everything goes well.
Lately my biggest complaint is sleeping on my left side.  Due to adequate blood flow for the baby, its recommended that I only sleep on the left side.  I hate only sleeping on the left side ... I like options.  I like being able to sleep on my back or right side if need be.  But if baby's well being is on the line then I'll stick to just sleeping on the left side.
My back pain is definitely in full force by the end of the day.  Carrying around so much extra weight in my midsection has been very hard on my body.  I need to get back into the gym and do some more upper body weights before the baby comes to hopefully build up some more muscle. 
I haven't used my prenatal massage gift card that Ryan got me for Christmas.  I've been "saving" it for a good day and I think I need to just go ahead and make an appointment before the 8 weeks is up.  Plus if I love the experience I can always convince him to get me a 2nd gift card, right?
I can't wait to meet Baby C.  I keep talking to him and letting him know how excited we are that he's on his way.  We try to tell him though to be patient, unlike his mom, and stay in my belly for as long as he needs to.  There is no way I want a 10 pound baby but I want to make sure he's as healthy and strong as can be.  

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