Wednesday, January 18, 2012

30 weeks

Can you believe we are at 30 weeks?  Only 10 weeks to go (hopefully) until Baby Chalmers is here.  From
30 weeks: Baby weighs as much as a large cabbage.  Your baby rivals a good-size cabbage in weight, tipping the scales this week at 3 pounds. (Length: about 15 3/4 inches, head to heel.)
If you ask me how I'm feeling at any given time I'll tell you one thing .... TIRED.  I can't seem to get enough rest no matter how much sleep I think I'm getting.  It's gotten pretty uncomfortable to sleep on my left side and getting up a couple of times a night to use the bathroom doesn't help either.
I'm obviously getting bigger every day ... the weight is really starting to bother my lower back.  I had always worked out my back while in the gym pre-pregnancy, but I guess my back muscles aren't strong enough to handle the extra pounds. 
I'm starting to hate any shoes that require shoelaces.  I don't like bending down to tie them so I try to avoid them at all costs.  I can't wear my UGGs everywhere though ... although I would like to.
I'm still working out at the gym ... slow running/walking mostly for at least 25 minutes.  It's starting to feel a little uncomfortable, but I'm not in pain so I'll continue to use the treadmill for as long as I can. 
We started our first round of baby education classes at the medical center.  It's really an eye opener as to what your body can do when delivering a baby.  It's making me nervous and excited all at once.  I really hope I'm up for the challenge, but at this point I don't really have a choice do I?  

Nothing really new to report other than getting exciting for the Baby Shower on February 4th in Orlando, Florida.  

Next doctor's appointment is on Monday January 30th so I'll have another weight gain update then.

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