Wednesday, January 4, 2012

28 weeks

Sorry for the delay in posting my weekly BABY update but it's been tough getting the pictures taken.  I apologize that my trusty photographer, Ryan, was not available for this photo shoot.  You are now stuck with viewing some photos that I took in my own bathroom this morning.  

First let me start of by saying that it was 21 degrees in Charlotte when I took Honey out for her walk this morning.  I definitely added a scarf, ear muffs, gloves, and a coat when I headed to work. 
Side view resembles what week 27 looked like.  I haven't seen an increase this week, but then again I look at myself every day so all I see is BIG all the time.
My awesome round basketball baby.  Maybe Baby C is telling us that he would like to play in the NBA when he grows up.  If not I'll accept the fact that I'm fortunately gaining almost all of my weight in just my stomach area.
The past couple of days people have commented to me that I "must be having a boy since I'm carrying so low."  This picture doesn't really do it justice but I have totally noticed a lower sitting belly lately.
According to, baby is the size of a Chinese cabbage this week.  He's a little over 14 inches and weighs over 2 pounds.  The third trimester will bring an additional weight gain of about 11 pounds.  Lucky for me I ordered another pair of maternity jeans and will hopefully have them by the end of this week.  

This week I've been battling a cold and am unhappy to report that I still have a bad case of the sniffles.  I'm sure the frigid weather is not helping my situation at all, but hopefully slightly warmer temperatures at the end of this week will help clear away some of my sickness.  Other than that I've continued to work out and eat as healthy as I can.  Can't believe there are less than 12 weeks to go!

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