Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today I started off my Friday much like every other Friday ... With a bagel at Einstein's.

I wish they had some sort of reward program for frequent buyers ... I'm all about positive reinforcement.

Right now I'm spending my lunch hour at the gym.

Just started my 20 minutes of cardio on the bicycle.

Yesterday I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes on the treadmill before working out shoulders. My friend Sue thought it was a little silly that I would be working that one muscle but since it was day 2 of "upper body" I figured it was an easy choice.
-2 sets of 12 reps using a pair of 5 pound weights of:
*overhead press
*side lateral raises
*front lateral raises

Guess it's time to stop blogging and start focusing on my work out.

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