Monday, December 12, 2011

25 weeks

I'm sitting at the doctors office waiting to take my glucose test.

I had to drink this prior to a blood test to check for diabetes. It wasn't that bad to drink but it's kind of making me feel nauseous at this point.

Ryan was unavailable to take my weekly shots, and since I wasn't at work I opted to take them in our bathroom.

There's the bump. I'm rocking a comfy sweater today since it's so cold outside.

Still wearing my ultra low skinny Levi's. They fit so why not?

Side shot for the real deal. Check that thing out.

I've been trying to work more on updating our registry, but it's just so hard to pick between so many items.

Other than that I've felt really good the past couple of days. I've kept up with working out 4 days a week and haven't had any issues.

Ok doctors appointment is over. I passed the test! And the doctor said my weight and blood pressure are both right on track. He said maybe I should have a bunch of babies since I'm doing so well with this one. I said one at a time ... Let's not got crazy.

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