Tuesday, December 6, 2011

24 weeks

This pregnancy is moving right along isn't it?  Seems impossible to think that I'm going to keep getting bigger and bigger for another 4 months.  

Updates on the baby front - Ryan and I actually started our baby registry this past Saturday.  What an experience!  There are way too many baby items at Babies r Us.  It's really overwhelming, and almost frightening to an extent.  We stopped after 1.5 hours due to a) impatience and b) hunger.  Hopefully I can finish our registry up online and avoid walking back into that store for a while.

My maternity clothes have also arrived in the mail.  I'm still trying to decide whether to stick with the Old Navy maternity jeans (cheap, comfy and roomy) or the GAP maternity jeans (double the price and more fitted).  I also found that Macy's sells a very small selection of maternity clothes at our local mall and I stocked up on some long sleeve shirts and sweaters (buy 3 get 1 free).  I have yet to wear any of my maternity clothes.  I still have one pair of "normal" jeans that fit so I'll rock those until I absolutely have to switch over.  Stubborn?  Yes.

I had a good week of working out and plan on maintaining the "easy" work out schedule for as long as I can manage.  I worked out upper body twice last week, lower body twice, and did 4 days of cardio.  

 I should wear dark colors all the time ... much more slimming than some of my other outfits.
No bare skinned belly shots today ... should've planned my outfit a bit better and not have worn a dress.  Today the weather in Charlotte is humid/foggy/gross but at least it's not cold ... temperatures are at around 60 degrees.  Figured this might be the last time for a while that I get to wear a dress to work instead of layers of clothing.  Ryan has some work to do with his photography.  I'm still not overly thrilled with the quality of these shots BUT it was 7:30am and I was kind of in a rush.  We'll let it slide again this week.

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