Monday, November 28, 2011

23 weeks

Ryan had a problem with my weekly photographs from the outdated "gross" work bathroom.  He decided to step in from now on to be my photographer.  He definitely needs some work; this week's photos are not some of the best.  Hopefully you can tell that I'm getting bigger ... much bigger.  As our friend Alex put it, "you're getting bigger every day."  As long as I know Baby C is growing big and strong then the extra pounds don't really bother me.  

This week I've gained 1 pound, which is not too bad considering we had to deal with Thanksgiving.  I definitely ate an embarrassing amount of food on Thursday.  To my dismay I didn't really improve my eating habits the rest of the weekend.  Today Ryan and I are turning our lives around ... we do this from time to time when we notice how poorly we've been eating and when we've lacked gym visits.  

I started the morning off with a glass of orange juice as I made some green monsters for Ryan and I.  In the blender went the usual ... banana, spinach, vanilla soy milk, ice, and peanut butter.  My 2nd breakfast of the day was a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with some vanilla soy milk.  Hoping to pack in some vegetables during dinner tonight.  

I even got around to ordering some maternity clothes last night online.  Hopefully the jeans will come in the mail soon ... and will fit.  If not it's back to leggings since I'm basically on my last pair of fitting pants.

 I kind of look normal from the front ... all of my tee shirts are getting pretty snug though.
I love our beautiful Christmas tree as the background.  It's a huge improvement from the terrible office bathroom. 

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